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  • KTH researcher finds persistent water vapour in Europa’s atmosphere

    Europa as seen from space
    A new study by KTH researcher Lorenz Roth reveals that there is persistent water vapour in Europa's atmosphere. (Photo: NASA)
    Published Oct 15, 2021

    The revelation that persistent water vapour exists in the atmosphere of Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa, was reported yesterday by the European Space Agenc...

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  • Gel fights drug-resistant bacteria and induces body’s natural immune defense

    A piece of hydrogel is seen on the tip of a finger in the lab.
    “Bacterial cells are interactive, and so are dendritic macromolecules,” says KTH Professor Michael Malkoch. “When they meet, it doesn’t turn out well for the bacteria.”
    Published Oct 14, 2021

    In the fight against multidrug-resistant bacteria, scientists in Sweden have developed a new kind of antibiotic-free protection for wounds that kills ...

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  • Method recycles batteries faster, with less environmental impact

    Xiong Xiao in the laboratorium.
    KTH scientist Xiong Xiao uses ultrasound in combination with acetic acid and citric acid, instead of sulfuric acid, to extract the metals from the batteries. Photo: Peter Ardell
    Published Oct 11, 2021

    As the electrification of society increases, so does the amount of used batteries that need to be recycled. Scientists at KTH have developed a new met...

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  • ’Everyone should be able to participate in distance work meetings on same terms’

    Person in front of a laptop with digital meeting gallery view of several faces
    Isolation is a recurring line of argument in the reasoning behind distance meetings. Edlund’s thesis, after 20 years of observations in the field, is that hybrid meetings are less successful. When three participants are in one room and face each other to discuss, it excludes the person joining remotely. Photo: Unsplash
    Published Oct 11, 2021

    A work meeting where some participate together in a room while others join from distance is a bad solution, says Jens Edlund, university lecturer at t...

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  • KTH physicist takes stock of Nobel laureate Parisi’s influence

    Portraits of Giorgia Parisi
    A "renaissance man" is how KTH Professor Erik Aurell describes Nobel Physics laureate Giorgio Parisi, pictured far right, with the two who shared today's prize with him: Syukuro Manabe and Klaus Hasselmann. (Illustration: Niklas Elmehed, Nobel Prize Outreach)
    Published Oct 05, 2021

    For KTH physicist Erik Aurell, today’s Nobel Physics Prize recognition of Giorgio Parisi couldn’t have come soon enough. “It’s a great prize,” says Au...

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  • Survey says KTH graduates among world's most employable

    Graduates at Stockholm City Hall  receive their diplomas
    KTH graduates have an employment rate of 81.2 percent in the first 12 months after graduation. (Photo: David Callahan)
    Published Oct 01, 2021

    Graduates from KTH are among the most employable in the world, according to the newly-released QS Employability Rankings. The ranking places KTH 70th ...

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  • Mentoring programme bridges gap between students and labour market

    Portrait photos of mentor Amanda Sterner Nordin and student Navita Hassan.
    With experience in guiding thesis project-students Amanda Sterner Nordin felt it was rewarding to continue supporting students through the mentor programme. She was matched with Navita Hassan, who has gained insight into the career that awaits her. Photos: private
    Published Sep 30, 2021

    The mentoring programme at KTH supports students in getting their careers started, and provides former KTH students an opportunity to guide young tale...

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  • 'Adventure and transformation' followed alum's architecture studies

    Faria Ibrahim at the piano, side view
    Urban planning and UX design aren't the only things that Faria Ibrahim's resume includes. Her experience at KTH led her to become an entrepreneur who balances client work with her own artistic ambitions. (Photo:Gilles Bonugli Kali)
    Published Sep 27, 2021

    Faria Ibrahim started her MSc in urban planning and design in 2008, just as the global financial crisis brought new construction starts to a virtual h...

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  • Mathematics researcher receives a large grant from the European Research Council

    Portrait photo Maurice Duits
    Maurice Duits is an associate professor at the Department of Mathematics at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
    Published Sep 21, 2021

    He examines large random systems and shows that they are not always as uncontrolled as one might think. KTH researcher Maurice Duits is one of more th...

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  • Newsmakers at KTH

    Published Sep 17, 2021

    Who has received what when it comes to funding? What findings, results and researchers have attracted attention outside KTH? Under the vignette Newsma...

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  • Value of centre's patents found to equal that of world-leading biotech institutions'

    view of BioClinicum at Karolinska Institutet, one of MedTechLabs' locatoins.
    A view from MedTechLabs location at BioClinicum in Stockholm. (Photo: MedTechLabs)
    Published Sep 09, 2021

    The value of patents and research results from the KTH research centre, MedTechLabs, is at the same levels as those produced at leading universities w...

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  • KTH maintains Top 250 status in Times Higher Education ranking

    view of the KTH Stockholm campus, facing east, with KTH Entre in the foreground
    KTH was ranked 239th in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking released today. (Photo: Petter Karlberg)
    Published Sep 02, 2021

    In the new Times Higher Education rankings released today, KTH Royal Institute of Technology maintained its distinction as one of the top 250 universi...

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  • Nobel laureate Sir Gregory Winter appointed honorary doctor at KTH

    Portrait of Sir Gregory P. Winter.
    Sir Gregory P. Winter is one of four new honorary doctors at KTH. Photo: MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology.
    Published Sep 02, 2021

    In 2018, he shared one half of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the phage display method. Now, Sir Gregory P. Winter is one of four new honorary docto...

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  • Student's training brings sustainability to family business

    Portrait of Suganya Senthil Kumar
    "You can talk openly with the teachers about what you need and then they focus on it." Suganya Senthil Kumar
    Published Sep 01, 2021

    A year ago, Suganya Senthil Kumar was studying in the international master's programme, Sustainable Production Development, at KTH in Södertälje. Now ...

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  • Water vapor revealed on Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede

    infrared view of Jupiter’s icy moon Ganymede
    This infrared view of Jupiter’s icy moon Ganymede was obtained by the Jovian Infrared Auroral Mapper (JIRAM) instrument aboard NASA’s Juno spacecraft during its July 20th, 2021, flyby. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/ASI/INAF/JIRAM
    Published Aug 18, 2021

    In one of the year’s big space discoveries, KTH researchers Lorenz Roth and Nickolay Ivchenko uncovered evidence of water vapor in the atmosphere of J...

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  • Pandemic and digitalization set stage for revival of a cast-off idea: personal carbon allowances

    Illustration shows a mobile phone with an imagined app for monitoring one's personal carbon output
    Personal carbon allowances would provide individuals with meaningful choices that link their actions with global carbon goals, the researchers say. (Illustration: courtesy of Francesco Fuso Nerini).
    Published Aug 16, 2021

    In a recent study, researchers from Sweden, UK and Israel say the time may be right for many industrialized nations to resurrect an idea once thought ...

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  • Champion for women's and children's health receives KTH Innovation Award

    Portrait of Rustam Nabiev
    Rustam Nabiev was named the first recipient of the new KTH Innovation Award as co-founder of Shifo. (Photo: Patrik Lundmark)
    Published Jul 01, 2021

    The very first KTH Innovation Award goes to Rustam Nabiev, co-founder of the non-profit Shifo Foundation, which focuses on children’s health in countr...

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  • Human stem cells enable model to test drug impact on brain’s blood barrier

    Isabelle Mathiessen working in the lab, setting up brain model device for a test
    Isabelle Matthiesen prepares the brain-on-chip device for testing. (Photo: Saskia Ludwig)
    Published Jun 30, 2021

    Using an experimental model to simulate the blood-brain barrier, scientists at KTH reported in unprecedented detail how antioxidants protect the brain...

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  • KTH in line with EU Charter & Code

    A flag with blue bottom and yellow stars.
    KTH is now certified according to the EU Charter & Code.
    Published Jun 29, 2021

    KTH has now signed up to the EU Charter & Code following EU Commission approval of our application. In so doing, KTH has gained HR Excellence in Rese...

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  • 'Consuming more won’t make us any happier'

    Johan Rockström standing next to tree
    “We are facing major systemic changes. We have entered a new renaissance. Sustainability is increasingly proving to be the way forward towards modern welfare, that which can result in more stable societies and by extension, more peaceful times,” says Johan Rockström, climate researcher and Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. Photo: Fredrik Persson
    Published Jun 29, 2021

    As a diligent debater on environment issues, climate researcher Johan Rockström has long warned that climate changes on Earth are leading towards a gl...

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