Pocket-size DJ system

Published Sep 17, 2007

The pacemaker (the electronic medical device that aids people with a heart condition) was one important invention made in Sweden in the 1950s. The old concept name has now been applied to yet another device: A portable, complete DJ system. This little music machine was christened ”Pacemaker” by its team of builders, two of which were KTH graduates Jonas Norberg and Dennis Wallner.

Is this actually the death-blow to heavy old vinyl records being carried about by sweating disc-jockeys? E24 says the new DJ system, which was developed by the new Swedish company Tonium, can be carried in your pocket.

– “Pacemaker” has got every function that the old DJ systems had, explains inventor and managing director Jonas Norberg at Tonium Co. We call it the Playstation 2 of music.

Jonas Norberg is an engineering graduate from KTH; he has also been a professional DJ. His company staff includes another ex-KTH student, Daniel Wallner, who is head of hardware and software development. Also, Martin Renck, brother of artist and designer Johan ”Stakka Bo” Renck, is Creative Director of the new company. Renck´s earlier career includes working with both Madonna and H&M.

Pacemaker does support most of the sound formats – wma, aac, flac, ogg vorbis and wav. As of today (September) it exists only as a prototype. However, Tonium expects the new player to be available in the shops by late November or early December.

Håkan Soold

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