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Alum organises secure distribution of millions of doses of Covid vaccine

Portrait Niklas Adamsson
Niklas Adamsson is the Chief Operating Officer at Envirotainer, a company that produces and leases cold chain containers for the international air transport of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals and vaccines.
Published Mar 12, 2021

KTH alumnus Niklas Adamsson, Chief Operating Officer at cold chain transport company Envirotainer, explains about the challenges of distributing a temperature sensitive vaccine to different continents.

Roughly how many doses of Covid vaccine have been shipped out into the world by you from Stockholm to date during the pandemic?
“So far, we have distributed around 55 million doses of Covid vaccine in different parts of the world. This figure is increasing every day – we have 6,500 active cold chain containers for air freight.”

Vaccin container

What are the biggest risks with these shipments?
“Delays are the biggest risk, as the logistics are highly complex. These can concern possible interruptions to vaccine production or a delay in official approval. Planning is also affected by the fact that the vaccine is being sent very long distances, such as from Asia to Latin America or from Europe to Australia.

“It is incredibly important that all parts of the logistics chain work together in the best possible ways. This includes authorities, vaccine manufacturers, shipping companies, airlines and container suppliers.”
What do you see as the most exciting thing about delivery operations moving forwards?
“Size. The world has never seen this kind of global logistics operation before. Every person in every corner of the world needs to have a vaccine delivered to them. And that we as a Swedish company are playing a critical role in this global battle, this feels incredibly exciting.”
What are you most proud of when it comes to what your company is doing?
“That we are helping to make a difference. In addition to the distribution of Covid vaccines, we also distribute over 130,000 pallets of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals and vaccines every year.”

Katarina Ahlfort
Foto: Envirotainer

About Niklas Adamsson at KTH

Studied aeronautical engineering at KTH, followed be a doctorate in machine design, integrated product development, 2007.

About Envirotainer

Number of employees: 300, including 200 in Sweden.
The company is based in an industrial area along the E4 between Stockholm and Arlanda Airport.

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Last changed: Mar 12, 2021