Tekla Festival

Tekla Festival was founded by recording artist Robyn in 2015, and it is an initiative that aims to inspire girls to explore technology.

Tekla Festival has been organized by KTH in cooperation with Robyn for the last three years. It is for girls ages 11 to 15. Over an entire day, the girls get to experiment, build and create with technology in a number of different workshops arranged by KTH, partner companies, organizations and enthusiasts. The festival also consists of inspirational speakers and many possibilities to meet female role models.

Awakening girls interest in technology is an important issue for both Robyn and KTH, as there is a need for diversity in the development of future technologies and society. If more girls choose a technical education at KTH it will lead to a more equal study environment and eventually to a more equal workplace.

Since 2018, Tekla Festival has taken a hiatus to explore new activities and collaborations where Tekla can make a difference.

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