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Egypt: Cairo

A year after Tekla’s first international trip to Washington, it was Cairo’s turn to host a two-day event. This started on International Women’s Day 8 March 2020.

Tekla Workshop

On International Women’s Day, 30 Egyptian girls from local schools assembled at the Swedish embassy in Cairo. Amongst other things, they learned programming via designing their own imagiCharms. This workshop was led by Beatrice Ionascu of imagiLabs , an organisation whose goal is to empower and inspire girls to want to work with technology.

 Egyptian girls sitting around a table during workshop
An imagiCharm with an encoded luminous venus symbol
 Three girls with their backs to the camera. The shirts have Tekla's logo.

Tekla Dialogue

On the second day, the Tekla Dialogue panel debate was held to discuss female underrepresentation in the technology sector. The panel included: Amir Sherif, CEO and founder of “Wazzuf” and “Forasna”; Randa El Sawi, news and media director at Ericsson Middle East and Africa; Dr. Sherif El Qassas, professor of computer science and technology at the American University in Cairo; and, Yasmine Moustafa, an Egyptian researcher in the field of energy and environmental technology.

With several journalists underlining that Egypt was the first country in the Arab world and Africa to host Tekla, the event attracted great media attention. 

 Six people sit on a low stage and participate in a panel discussion.
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