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Start an alumni group or chapter

Alumni groups provide valuable resources and experiences for alumni. They offer a chance to develop a career path, to build relationships, networks and opportunities and to have a good time.The groups are based on either geographical location or common interests and are managed by alumni volunteers, supported by the Alumni Relations office.

If you are interested in starting an alumni group where you live we are happy to help. We can provide help in finding alumni where you are, contacting them and administration of invitations and registration. Please contact us at

Different types of alumni groups:

Chapter – A large group of active alumni which is run by a steering committee of 3-5 alumni who have signed the KTH Alumni Chapter Agreement together with the KTH President. They organize at least two events per year and have a strong contact with the Alumni Relations Office. Ex: KTH UK Alumni Chapter  which is a group of alumni based in Oslo and they meet regularly for after works, study visits and seminars.  

Alumni Group – A smaller group of alumni who meet regularly but are based in a place where there aren’t enough alumni to form a chapter. Ex: KTH Brazil Alumni, a group of alumni in Sao Paulo who meet once in a while for small events and have a Key Contact who have a dialogue with the Alumni Relations Office.  

Special interest group – A group of alumni who have an interest in common such as SEEK Alumni which is an alumni association for people who were once engaged in the student association SEEK (Sustainable Engineering Everywhere at KTH).

Start your own group!

How to do it, step by step:

1. Think about the purpose of your group, what will the members be doing (leisure, competence development, inspiration)? Who is your group open to? 

2. Contact the Alumni Relations Office to get help and inspiration and tell us about your idea. We can help finding alumni, contacting them, communicate via newsletter and social media and provide panflets and give aways.

3. Plan your first event together with the Alumni Relations Office. 

4. Get going!  

Contact us at

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Last changed: Sep 10, 2020