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It all started with Mohammad Hasan

Mohammad Hasan completed the Master’s programme in electrophysics at KTH between 2009-2011. Coming from the West Bank, he was one of the last international students who were able to study for free at KTH.

At home he has five younger siblings. Mohammad’s younger brother also has ambitions to study at KTH but since tuition fees were introduced, the family no longer has the means to support him.

Straight after graduation and a week before he was due to return home, Mohammad got word of a large 70 milllion kronor donation made to KTH, that of Rune and Kerstin Jonasson.

Inspired by this gesture and with a strong feeling that he too wanted to give something back to KTH, Mohammad made a donation of 500 kronor and asked the Alumni team to use his donation to help support students like him.

After this first donation a fund was created, KTH Opportunities Fund, which today provides alumni and friends with the chance to assist exceptional international students through scholarships as well as encourage various student initiatives and research projects that enrich life at KTH.

Three years after Mohammad’s donation, almost 1 million kronor has been raised which has supported four scholarships, seven student projects and ten young researchers.

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Last changed: Mar 24, 2014