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Mohamed Atwa

Mohamed Atwa from School of ICT received SEK 15 000 in order to fund his ticket to Tokyo where he will be spending time at the Maruyama-Chihashi lab at the University of Tokyo.

“Japan is everything I anticipated it would be and more- from the winding streets of Shitamatchi to the cutting edge facilities of UTokyo, its history and dynamism have had me in the clutches of their deliciously dynamic vertigo from the moment I touched down! Academically, I’ve had the chance to become acquainted with some of the foremost minds in carbon nanostructure research courtesy of the very generous hosting I’ve been receiving here at the Maruyama-Chashi lab. We have seminars from global scientific talent on a nearly weekly basis.

The cultural aspect is just as breathtaking- great food, spring festivals, sakura in full bloom, all this and more! And it’s no small thanks to the KTH Opportunities fund that I’ve had this amazing opportunity to learn, grow, and experience. One can hope and strive that this all will be a huge milestone in my academic career in hindsight- thanks for making this possible!”

Belongs to: Alumni
Last changed: Aug 23, 2016