Internship at NASA Ames

Linnea Persson from the School of Electrical Engineering received 36 600 SEK to finance an internship at NASA Ames in California.

Linnea was offered a place at the office responsible for aeromechanical research. The work done there is both theoretical and practical, with the largest wind tunnel in the world being a part of its complex. The research mainly focuses on different ways of evaluating rotorcraft stability and performance. Research is done in acoustics, vibration, dynamics and control, and more.

Linnea was also given the opportunity to participate in the conference "Aeromechanics Design for Vertical Lift" in San Francisco, Jan 20-22, and help in wind tunnel testing.

The Internship Program was conducted between January and April in 2016.

From the launch of SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that should have landed on a platform in the ocean, but missed. Due to adverse weather conditions visibility was low.
Our department attended the AHS Aeromechanics Specialist’s conference in San Francisco for three days and one of the sights we saw was the Golden Gate Bridge.
We visited a military hangar and saw the UH-60 Black Hawk.
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