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Projects 2018

Ten projects were granted funding from KTH Opportunities Fund in June 2018.


EWB Project Assessment – Tanzania, Africa
Skolan för Arkitektur och Samhällsbyggnad
“The field of development cooperation is complex and constantly evolving, and without clear guidance, it can be very difficult for students to navigate it and take into account the various effects of their project in the local context. The purpose of this strategic assessment is therefore to create processes and guiding documents for both practical matters related to project management and implementation, as well as placing the project in the larger context of global sustainable development, using Agenda 2030 as a framework.”

Degradation of Pharmaceuticals
Skolan för Kemi, Bioteknik och Hälsa
“During the summer, we will develop new enzymes to degrade dangerous and prevalent pharmaceuticals that can be found in wastewaters. Upon completion, the full team is travelling to Boston to attend and compete in an annual competition between over 300 teams called iGEM; however, we are mainly applying for funds from KTH OF to cover the expenses of the extensive lab work, and secondly to engage existing and potential new students in synthetic biology and biotechnology.”

Transforming Space Dreams into Space Realities with PRIME
Skolan för Elektronik och Datavetenskap
“We are requesting funds in order to enrich student experience in the project, and to extend the visibility of the KTH Rexus project. These funds will be needed to enable additional members to participate in the launch campaign, and to cover material and travel costs for presentations at the H-Space 5 th International Conference on Research, Technology and Education of Space and the European Planetary Science Congress.”

EWB Solar Power Recycling
Skolan för Industriell Teknik och management
“This project aims to encourage environmentally sustainable practices involving plastic waste reuse and to discourage the dumping of plastic waste. It targets entrepreneurial skills of local communities with workshops on necessary methods to create products from recycled plastics. The collaborating parties, KTH EWB Solar Powered Recycling and ROLE foundation in Indonesia, will demonstrate possibilities for plastic waste reuse and processing which will enable options for artisanal upcycling as well as waste-management and environmental-research related careers. Extra funding is needed since the project involves developing and installing”

Female Doctoral Retreat April 2019
Skolan för Elektronik och Datavetenskap
“PhD candidates are in a decisive moment in their careers, and at the same time they are in a rather vulnerable position within academia. Moreover, in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), women are often a minority and face additional challenges. From hearing many women PhD students, we believe there is ample room for initiatives that can improve the work environment for all but that some people often feel alone in this and such ideas don’t materialise.”

International Scholarship, Yingyu Li
Skolan för Arkitektur och Samhällsbyggnad
“If I could get the scholarship, I would be more confident and brave to attend more activities and make new friends. Usually I cook for myself and tend to avoid social activities since those activities may cost more money. I (actually my family) can support myself during the next year study, but barely. That is also a reason why I choose the 3+2 program, so I can get a job and support my family sooner in the future. If I could get support from the scholarship, I would be braver to realize my engineering ideas, seize opportunities of meeting new people, and try local activities to know Sweden better.”

International Scholarship, Yipai Du
Skolan för Elektronik och Datavetenskap
“The reason I chose KTH is simply because its best quality of engineering education. Professors are always nice and patient, willing to give a hand when needed. Students and teachers can communicate equally and freely. The courses are well organized with contents focused on both theory and practice. I love the courses here and could not help taking more of them.I think my learning passion was greatly motivated by tons of amazing courses provided here. If I were granted this scholarship, it would greatly reduce the economic burden on me and my parents because they support me financially through loaning from the bank.”

Internship UTA Foundation – Colombia
Skolan för Elektronik och Datavetenskap
“The UTA Foundation aims to develop the alimentation and energy independency of rural communities through appropriate technologies in the use of biomass, such as harnessing the by-products of coffee cultivation to biogas generation. I study in the master program of Sustainable Energy Engineering at KTH and through this internship my intention is to learn about community scale renewable energy technologies in rural environments.”

Construction of a school – Malawi, Africa
Skolan för Kemi, Bioteknik och Hälsa
“For Students is a project carried out by four students from KTH. We will be fundraising the construction of a school in Malawi, Africa and we will attend the first week of construction in order to help building and document the process. The purpose is to help a village in a country less fortunate than Sweden; to share and spread knowledge and love, as well as to inspire people and firms to value sharing, education and development.”

Analysis of grass and soil from egg-laying sites of malaria vector Anopheles gambiae – Kenya
Skolan för Kemi, Bioteknik och Hälsa
“With this funding, I hope to analyze both non-polar and polar compounds as well as performing quantitative analysis to complement the initial qualitative analysis. Thus we hope to, in collaboration with ICIPE in Kenya, evaluate the identified components malaria mosquito oviposition attraction potential. This will allow us to further understand how we can manipulate the malaria vector.”

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Degradation of Pharmaceuticals
Transforming Space Dreams into Space Realities with PRIME
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Female Doctoral Retreat 2019
International Scholarship - Yingyu Li
International Scholarship - Yipai Du
Internship at the UTA Foundation in Colombia
Analysis of grass and soil from egg-laying sites of malaria vector Anopheles Gambiae in Kenya