Apply for a grant from KTH Opportunities Fund

Supported by dedicated alumni and friends of KTH, KTH Opportunities Fund offers scholarships to KTH students at both undergraduate and master's level, as well as to PhD-students. You can apply for a scholarship to fund projects, internships and research connected to your studies and we accept applications once a year. The 2019 application period is between February 18 to April 15.

Applications 2020

The application period for 2020 starts on Febuary 17th and ends on March 22nd. The final decision will be made by the end of May and the results published in the beginning of June.

Important information

You have a right to apply for a scholarship if you are a

  • Bachelor Student at KTH
  • Master Student at KTH
  • Doctoral candidate at KTH

KTH Opportunities Fund does not fund

  • Salaries of any kind
  • Start-ups or other commercial initiatives that do not primarily benefit KTH
  • Room and board
  • Already completed projects

Be aware that

  • Your project must start at least 6 weeks after the final application deadline
  • Your application needs to be signed by a supervisor or teacher. Should the project not be connected to any academic staff at KTH, the application needs to be signed by the president or vice president of THS.
  • Sign and send your application with all appendices as a merged pdf to

How to apply

1. Download and fill out the application form (Link active during application period)

 2. Sign, scan and send us your application with all appendices as a merged pdf (Link active during application period)

Who decides?

Applications are processed by the KTH Alumni Advisory Board (AAB), consisting of the Deputy President and other representatives from KTH management, representatives of the Students’ Union (THS) and alumni from business and society. The AAB shall seek an equitable distribution of resources in terms of nationality, gender and field of study. The KTH AAB recommends applications to the KTH President.

The Alumni Advisory Board assesses all applications from the following criteria:

  • Qualitative criteria such as sustainabillity, innovation, creativity and interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Effect on KTH and our students
  • Impact and visibility
  • Potential spin-off effects

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the fund, please send an email to

You'll of course also find us on Instagram  and LinkedIn

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