Festive launch of KTH UK Alumni Chapter

With a dinner at the Royal Society KTH UK Chapter got off to a flying start.

At 18.30 the Royal Society opened it’s doors and 55 UK alumni were ready to mingle! After 30 minutes of reconnecting with fellow KTH alumni everyone were invited to find their place cards in the beautiful dining room.

Before dinner being served, President Sigbritt Karlsson spoke on her vision for the future of KTH and the importance of a strong relationship with KTH alumni worldwide. After that the Chapter Chairperson Per Jonsson spoke on the ideas for the UK Chapter and how the work will continue. There were plenty of good ideas so the UK Chapter has an exciting future to look forward to!

After a fantastic meal it was time for something new. Half of the guests changed their seats according to instructions on the back of their place cards so the mingle could continue. The first Swede in space and KTH adjunct professor in Space Physics, Christer Fuglesang, then spoke on his space travel and research at KTH.

It was a wonderful and inspiring evening and a perfect start for the UK Chapter.    

Join KTH UK alumni group  on LinkedIn to take part of activities.

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