Alumni meetup in London - May

Enjoy an evening at The Knights Templar together with fellow KTH alumni!

Time: Wed 2020-05-06 18.30

Location: 95 Chancery Lane, Off Carey St, Fleet St, London WC2A 1DT, Storbritannien

A great occasion to get to know each other and explore new business opportunities whilst enjoying a wonderful time together. Drop by before you head home, there is always time for networking, interesting talks and laughter. This time the venue is at The Knights Templar!

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The Knights Templar, London, UK

"This pub is the former Union Bank, and takes its name from the order of Warrior Knights across whose land Chancery Lane was built in the 12th century. It is named after an ancient order of Warrior Monks – The Knights Templar which features heavily in The Da Vinci Code. If you look really carefully, during the scene featuring Middle Temple Church, you may spot this pub."

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