KTH Opportunities Fund

KTH Opportunities Fund gives alumni and friends the chance to be involved in making a difference for students and young researchers. It's all about opportunities – giving students and researchers a little additional help to make a huge difference for future generations and strengthening KTH, so that we can continue to be a leading university.


It all started with Mohammad Hasan

In the spring of 2011 Mohammad Hasan visited KTH Alumni Office and gave 500kr to say thank you for the time at KTH. This donation represents the start of a fund that has since grown exponentially.

The fund provide additional support for KTH students alongside their regular studies in areas such as team building, innovation and creativity, but also providing opportunities for young researchers to get international experience. Since 2013 we have been able to support about 40 different students and projects. . We have also collected about 4000 hours of alumni volonteers thar are of great value to our university

Getting involved

By joining the growing community of those who donate to KTH Opportunities Fund, you can have an immediate impact on the lives of current and future generations of students and young researchers. Your investment is a great vote of confidence in KTH and complements support received from statutory sources. The idea behind KTH Opportunities Fund is that as many alumni and friends as possible contribute and inspire others to do the same. All donations go directly to those who will benefit most. Every gift, of any size, really does matter.

The gift of time

Alumni volunteers who give their time and experience are critical to the continuing success of KTH. Getting involved is not only the chance for you to give something back to your alma mater. It is also a way for you to reconnect with KTH, benefit your organisation, further your professional development and create valuable networking opportunities.

Apply for funding

Students and young reserchers with pioneering or urgent causes are welcome to from the KTH Opportunities Fund.

Applications are considered by the KTH Alumni Advisory Board twice a year.

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