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According to your answers KTH represents a solid ground to start a future career on and a basis to fall back on. However, KTH represents more than education and a degree. Many of you feel that your time at KTH has provided valuable memories, a strengthened confidence both personally and professionally, and also friends for life. One of many inspiring answers was announced the winner and is rewarded with an Ipad 2.

To me KTH is community, challenges and training for reality, everything you could wish for an education. This is why I chose to continue my graduate studies at KHT and that I am now a proud member of the Alumni Community / Andreas Lundblad

- The winning entry

The launch of KTH Alumni Community gave us a very positive insight into the minds of our alumni. A sense of pride was prevalent in the responses we received when we asked ‘what does KTH mean to you?’. A common theme was that to you, your time at KTH gave you more than just an education.

Below are some of your responses

KTH is: openness, respect, professionalism, caring. It has been, truly, the best place I have ever worked in my life.

KTH sustained me with its presence and helped me to focus on what I really passionate about, kept me highly motivated. KTH is like a home, where you improve self personally and academically. Place where you Discover true yourself. In its corridors I found my insight, in its rooms I found new dreams, new ideas and new challenges, in its existence I sense future...

Freedom to choose what you want to do due to the solid educational base for my career

I have learned many important things both study and life related during my studies at KTH. It gave me an experience that I will be using the rest of my life. Proud to be a KTH student! Thanks for all!

For me, KTH means a window to Europe, a home in Sweden, and a milestone of my career.

KTH is a great university to direct us to the successful career. I always feel proud when I tell people that I am part of KTH alumni.

KTH is my identification both in my private and in my professional life. And it is my pride.I love it. Proud to be a KTH graduate.

KTH means a part of my identity and my brand, high quality of education, and good student memories.

KTH represents a turning point in my life: It was here where I decided who I wanted to be professionally, where I met some of my best friends, where I studied with some of the best professors around, where I enjoyed my student years the most and where I learned the most important thing in life: hoz to open my eyes to a world of constant learning and improvement. That's KTH to me, not just an university but a place to grow and learn.

KTH has allowed me to grow professionally and also personally. Learning to be the driving force of my own development. It has been the most amazing experience I have ever had! :)

For me KTH is a synonymous of international environment. During my semester at Kista i met class-mates from all over the world.

What I have gained from KTH was not only the rich knowledge that will benefit my personal development, but also a positive attitude towards life.

KTH is a good combination of innovation and tradition. Its focus on innovative research and its long tradition of being a world class institute with rich educational resources had made it my first choice.

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