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Price list

These are the prices for orders, as well as delay fees and reimbursement costs at the KTH Library.

Article requests

Credit card

Prices for up to 20 pages per article.

KTH employee/doctoral student

Article requests: free


Article from KTH Library's external stacks: free of charge

Article not included in KTH Library collections and libraries in the Nordic countries: SEK 80

Article from libraries outside the Nordic countries: SEK 150

Publicly funded libraries

Article from KTH Library collections: SEK 100

Libraries outside Sweden

Article from KTH Library collections: SEK 200 or 2 IFLA vouchers

Book requests

KTH employee/doctoral student

Book loans from libraries in and outside the Nordic countries: free


Book loans from libraries in Sweden and Denmark: free

Book loans from libraries other than Sweden and Denmark: SEK 300

Publicly funded libraries

Book loans from KTH Library collections: free

Overdue fees and replacement costs

Overdue course book: SEK 10 per day and book.

Overdue book requested by another borrower SEK: 10 per day and book.

If the book is not returned after several reminders, an invoice for SEK 850 per book will be sent.

The library also accepts replacement copies for lost books, provided that the replacement copy is of the same or a later edition than the lost book, and in very good condition. The library does not accept replacement copies for interlibrary loans, that is loans from other libraries.

Overdue fees are paid at the information desk in the library (except invoices for lost books).