An International Night against Procrastination

Don’t Procrastinate! Get it done!

Time: Thu 2019-05-16 16.30 - 20.00

Location: Salongen KTH Biblioteket/KTH Library

Are you struggling to finish your thesis/degree project, report or assignment?

We offer practical help with writing, information retrieval, reference management, source criticism, and individual and group tutorials. Refreshments are also provided.

Why an International Night against Procrastination?

The idea of ​​an “International Long Night against Procrastination” comes from Germany. There, students expressed the need for more support and advice on writing over a longer time, preferably throughout the night. The library at the University of Viadrina in Frankfurt took the initiative to open the library for studies from dusk until dawn, and offered lots of individual support and tutorials by staff with expertise in the scientific writing. Exciting activities such as night walks and yoga were organized, and students were offered coffee and fruit.

This phenomenon has now spread across the world and more and more universities arrange this type of activity. In German it is called Lange Nacht der Aufgeschobenen Hausarbeiten, but we have chosen an easy-to-read version: An International Night against Procrastination or, in Swedish, “Uppesittarkväll för att bli klar”. Support is provided in Swedish and English.

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