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How can we work together to make KTH a more inclusive university?

Come and share your thoughts and ideas with our panel and learn more about what is being done today.

Time: Thu 2021-09-16 12.15 - 13.00

Location: Zoom

Language: English

The KTH library works in different ways to highlight important issues linked to the global goals. In this panel debate, the focus is on goal number 5; gender equality.

Take part in an exciting conversation in zoom with the opportunity to ask anonymous questions.

A picture of the global goal number 5

Participants in the panel:

Roh Petas:
Roh works as a JML strategist (gender equality, diversity and equal opportunities) at the KTH Equality Office. Roh works primarily with JML issues towards students, with the JML integration of education and with active measures against discrimination. They also leads workshops for students in JML issues.

Ävelin Pantigoso Velasquez:
Ävelin studies the Master of Science in Computer Science, with a master's degree in Interactive Media Technology. She is primarily a student with an interest in gender equality, diversity and equal conditions at KTH, and worked at THS this past academic year as a Head of Student welfare with responsibility for student influence in the field of JML.

Chris Hulme:
Chris works at the Department of Materials Science, Process Unit, where he arranges seminars and courses on gender equality and sustainability as well as gender equality in the metal industry.

Miritt Zisser:
Miritt works as a lecturer at KTH Library and will be the moderator for the conversation.