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Implantable and ingestible biomedical microsystems

A popular science lecture during the Nobel Prize week

Time: Mon 2021-10-04 12.15 - 13.00

Location: Sydöstra galleriet at KTH Library and online

Language: English

Lecturer: Niclas Roxhed,​ Micro- and nanosystems, KTH ​

Implantable and ingestible biomedical microsystems

Miniature electromechanical systems can act on the same length scale as many biological systems. This unique feature can be utilized for targeted drug delivery, to acquire biological samples, or to perform advanced sensing function.

Lecturer: Niclas Roxhed is associate professor and a team leader of biomedical microsystems at KTH.

Place: Sydöstra galleriet (South East gallery) KTH Library and Online with Zoom

Free lunch sandwich for the early birds.

More information about the event: Nobel Calling