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Problematic data, KTH Library’s PhD workshop

- how data bias can affect your results

Time: Wed 2021-06-09 10.00 - 12.00

Location: Zoom - Registration required

Lecturer: Lina Andrén, KTH Library

Register for the PhD Workshop on data bias.

Modern society is increasingly dependent on data - the amounts of data collected about you and the world around you, is staggering. It’s hard to keep track of both data collection and what the collected data is used for. In many cases, having large data sets is a good thing. For example, the large amounts of data collected and shared has certainly helped speed up the research on Covid-19 and the creation of vaccines.

However, when research and decisions are heavily influenced by the quality of data and data usage, it is important to think about what happens when data doesn’t properly mirror the real world.

In this workshop, we’ll take a look at some things that can go wrong. We will discuss bias in data, bias in algorithms, and how not collecting certain data can scew results and predictions in sometimes unexpected ways. 

The language of the workshop is English.