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Wikipedia, KTH Library’s PhD workshop

Time: Fri 2021-06-11 10.00 - 12.00

Lecturer: Olle Terenius, Professor at Uppsala University

Location: Zoom - Registration is required

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Wikipedia is the first choice in many information searching situations. This makes Wikipedia an excellent arena to communicate your research field to a wide audience, and to let your knowledge in your field benefit society. 

This workshop is held by Olle Terenius, a malaria researcher based at Uppsala University working on bacteria in mosquitoes. In a world full of fake news, he encourages researchers at Swedish universities to participate in making Wikipedia an updated and true source of information for everyone.

The workshop includes:

  • Why writing about your research field in Wikipedia is a good idea 

  • The basics of Wikipedia editing 

  • Time to work with key articles in your subject area 

The language of the workshop is English.