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How to avoid plagiarism

Knowing how to use and cite sources will help you avoid plagiarism. In this webinar for students you will learn more.

Time: Thu 2023-09-21 12.15 - 13.00

Location: Zoom - no registration

Language: Swedish

Participating: Ida Pinho and Miritt Zisser - Centre for Academic Writing and Rhetoric and KTH Library

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Plagiarism is usually not intentional, but typically caused by a lack of knowledge about how to use and cite sources in one’s own work. During this webinar we will go through what is meant by plagiarism and what you can do to avoid it. Learning to read and summarize sources and cite them correctly both in the text and in the reference list, are vital parts for avoiding plagiarism. We will look at a couple of examples and discuss whether they could be considered plagiarism or not. 

No registration needed, just enter Zoom at the appointed time.

The language of the webinar is Swedish but the same webinar is also held in English 19 September