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Covid-19: antibodies, vaccine and the immune system

A popular science lecture from KTH Library.

Time: Mon 2021-04-26 12.15 - 13.00

Location: Online/No registration required

Participating: Sophia Hober, Professor of Molecular Biotechnology

Ever since COVID-19 first started spreading throughout the world, there has been a lot of talk about antibodies, antibody tests, vaccines and immune systems. Everyone wants to know if they have got antibodies to SARS CoV-2. However, what are antibodies and T cells, and what good do they do?

Picture of Sophia Hober
Foto: Peter Ardell

Listen to Sophia Hober, Professor of Molecular Biotechnology, who talks about antibodies and tests, about the challenges of developing an antibody test, and how to use information from the tests to get a better understanding about viruses and vaccines.

This lecture is in English

Everyone is welcome to listen to the lecture!