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Open lecture: Can paint generate electricity?

Batteries in wearables and low-power applications could be replaced – with paint! Welcome to this popular science lecture during Nobel Prize Week.

Time: Wed 2022-10-05 12.15 - 13.00

Location: Sydöstra galleriet, KTH Biblioteket/KTH Library

Video link: Zoom

Language: English

Participating: Muhammet Toprak, professor in Materials Chemistry at KTH

A flexible piece of film, colored black by thermoelectric ink coating, is held between fingers.
A piece of film is coated in thermoelectric ink.

By using nanoscale chemistry, devices covered in a particular kind of paint will be able to convert their heat into electricity.

Read more in the news article Ink coating could enable devices powered by heat

In this popular science lecture, Muhammet Toprak , Professor in Materials Chemistry, will explain the research behind this technology.

You can follow the lecture by Zoom  or in the KTH Library.

Open lecture, everyone is welcome. The first 25 listeners will get a free lunch sandwich.

Muhammet Toprak, Professor in Materials Chemistry is participating in Nobel Calling, an initiative which is led by the Nobel Prize Museum annually in october when the nobel prizes are presented. Read more about Nobel Calling.