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Popular science lecture: Homes in the smart grid

Smart power grids can both collect and act on information to manage the demand and supply of electricity. It is a profound change in society's use of electricity, and our homes are part of it.

Time: Thu 2023-03-30 12.15 - 13.00

Location: South-East Gallery, KTH Library

Language: English

Participating: Cecilia Katzeff, Associate professor in Human-Computer Interaction, Strategic Sustainability Studies

Image from the anthology of a smart home.

This talk is part of the exhibition .

KTH Energy Platform and KTH Library present an exhibition with the theme . It is based on the eponymous book available online in English and Swedish. The exhibition will include live lunchtime presentations of selected chapters, and this is one of them.

No registration, just show up! The lecture is open to all. 

The energy anthology