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TEDxKTH Salon: AI – what should we focus on?

Time: Mon 2021-05-10 12.15 - 13.00

Location: Online, register at Eventbrite

Picture of a robot

Professor Hedvig Kjellström gives a talk entitled ”AI with a Human in the Loop”, in other words, AI systems that do things together with humans, supporting and empowering the human collaborator. This is partly different from the strive towards general, completely autonomous AI.

The talk is followed by a discussion with the student panel about what is the most important focus in the future: autonomous AI or AI with a human in the loop?

Time: Monday May 10, 12.15–13.00
Place: Online, anmälan görs på Eventbrite

Speaker: Hedvig Kjellström, Professor, Division of robotics, perception and learning, KTH
Moderator: Donnie Lygonis, KTH Innovation
Panel: Kiran Chhatre and Nathan Bosch, Members of the KTH AI Society, KTH

Everyone is welcome!