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Vernissage: Space Waves and a Tale

Welcome to the vernissage! During the vernissage, you can listen to various sub-producers' thoughts on the exhibition and get a unique insight into Hannes Alfvén's exciting life and work.

Time: Tue 2022-10-04 14.30 - 15.30

Location: KTH Biblioteket Entréhallen/KTH Library Entrance

Northern lights.

The vernissage of the exhibition is on 4 October at 14:30. We will offer snacks and alcohol-free sparkling wine.


We will get to listen to short presentation by these guests:

  • Kerstin Jacobsson, university director
  • Maria Haglund, head librarian
  • Svante Lindqvist, professor and writer
  • Andris Vaivads, Space and Plasma Physics
  • Olle Björkebaum och Nicholas Niemen, KTH School of Architecture

The exhibition will run from 4 October – 16 December.Itis produced by the project group for KTH 200 years anniversary celebration together with KTH Library, The Opera: The Tale of the Great Computing Machine, the Division of Space and Plasma Physics and the KTH School of Architecture.

In the exhibition Space Waves and a Tale , parts of Alfvén's extensive research, his active social involvement and not least his fictional work The Tale of the Great Computing Machine from 1966 are presented.

As part of the exhibition Space Waves and a Tale, you as a visitor are invited to look ahead and share your visions of how future technology may affect our lives and societies. Two students from the School of Architecture at KTH contribute with a specially designed flexible and durable exhibition module. Students from BOOMERANG REXUS are also participating with objects related to aerospace research.

Welcome to the KTH Library's entrance hall and the exhibition Space Waves and a Tale.

The opera The Tale of the Great Computing Machine

Division of Space and Plasma Physics , KTH

KTH School of Architecture

BOOMERANG  - a multinational team of students from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden united in their shared interest in aerospace research and challenges.