The Armada career fair - how it will affect the library

Published Nov 12, 2018

It’s time for the Armada career fair and this year it takes place 20-21/11 at the Main Library. This is how it will affect the library.

Friday 16/11 Preparations in the book hall can cause disturbing noise. Furniture will be disassembled. The reference books will be moved and unavailable until the end of the fair.

Saturday 17/11 The library is closed due to preparations.

Monday 19/11 – Wednesday 22/11 Preparations for the fair during Monday. The fair takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday. The areas that are affected are: Entrance Hall, Main Hall, Ångdomen, all of the group study rooms, the ARC space, Newton, South East Gallery, Hjärne, Geisendorf and Rinman.

Thursday 23/11 Work with restoring the premises after the fair can cause disturbing noise.

If you want to study in the library during this time we are referring you to the North and South Gallery.

We will be here to help you the best we can and you can also visit our own exhibition at the fair!

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