The library's search tool Primo has a new interface

Published Sep 04, 2017

From today, the library's search service Primo has an updated interface. All functionality remains in the new interface. We hope that the interface will be easier to understand and to use.

For now, a known problem is that Primo doesn't work as well in Internet Explorer. If you have questions or feedback about Primo, please feel free to contact us .

Go to the Primo search tool

Primo in brief

Primo compares to similar comprehensive search tools such as Google Scholar, where you search a large amount of scientific materials and get links to full-text versions of scientific articles. However, Primo is distinguished by the following features:

  • Primo covers the KTH Library's printed materials.
  • E-books that the library has access to are searchable in Primo.
  • It is possible to limit directly to the electronic and print materials that the KTH Library has access to.
  • Materials that are missing from the library collections are easy to request directly from the search results.