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Design the KTH Library patch! 

Published May 12, 2020

We think it’s about time KTH Library had its own fabric patch, so we hereby announce a competition among students and staff at KTH, to design our patch.

The competition   

Fabric patches

To enter the competition, you will need to come up with a design for the KTH Library patch and send it to us no later than Friday June 12. Email your contribution to  and write “KTH Library patch” in the subject line.

We want the winning design to have a CC BY 4.0-licence ( click here to read more about the CC BY 4.0-licence ) This means the design will be free to use, but that the designer will always be credited when we advertise or inform about the patch. The KTH Library patch will not be sold and can only be acquired by completing different tasks or missions, which may vary over time.  

KTH overall with patches

The winning contribution will get their design on the 2020 patch, and will also be awarded a large bouquet of flowers and attention on our website and in our social media. 

By sending us your contribution, you certify that the design is your own and that you approve of it being published under a CC BY 4.0-licence. All your financial rights in association with the design cease, and the KTH Library can use the design without limitation in time, in accordance with Swedish law and practice. 

Who can enter?  

Anyone who’s a student, researcher or employer at KTH is welcome to enter! 

How is the winner chosen?  

The jury consists of representatives from KTH Library, and their decision is final. Everyone at KTH, except for the members of the jury, are welcome to enter the competition. The winner will be contacted by email or phone in the end of June 2020.

Photos: Malin Söderberg