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New exhibition: Dear Bicycle!

A white bike on a blue background with shelves.
Published Apr 20, 2023

You are reliable, fast and you are with me both downhill and uphill. When the chain slips and the tyres go flat, I bring out some WD40, a 15 mm wrench and we’re back on track. Dear Bicycle, you are useful, handsome, potentially deadly, and absolutely fabulous!

Dear Bike! exhibits a selection of KTH Library collections, focusing on the bicycle from different points of view; historical as well as philosophical, technical, and social. There are books about the bike as a vehicle, as a mean of transportation, and lifestyle statement. The oldest bike book in the collection is Velocipedes, bicycles, and tricycles: how to make and how to use them, published in 1869.

In the library hall, there are more books about bikes for you to borrow. Plenty more are available in our themed collection Dear bike!  on the library’s website.

The exhibition will be on display until 30 June.