How to get articles from Elsevier

Published Jul 02, 2018

As announced in May the deal with the publishing company Elsevier is cancelled by the Swedish research libraries, including KTH. The reason is Elsevier’s failure to fulfill the requests for open access.

Sweden takes a stand for open access – the deal with Elsevier is cancelled

How will the cancelled agreement with Elsevier affect me?

  • We will still have access to journal articles published until June 30th 2018. It is only articles published after this date that we no longer will have direct access to.
  • We will still have access to e-books and databases from Elsevier.
  • It is still possible to publish in Elsevier journals.

How can I access articles from Elsevier published after June 30 2018?

Search with extensions, archives and search engines

In many cases subscribed (paid-for access) articles can be found freely and Open Access in a manuscript version, either as a preprint (the non-peer-reviewed version that was submitted to the journal) or as a postprint (the peer-reviewed version of the manuscript, basically with the same wording as the published article but with a different layout).

You can download different extensions to your web browser to help you find freely available articles.

You can use different archives and search engines.

More information from The National Library of Sweden

Contact the author of the article or other researchers

Researchers can share articles with each other that are not open access if this is allowed in the agreement with the publisher (scholarly sharing). Consult SHERPA/RoMEO  to check the terms of a specific publisher or journal.

The extension Open Access Button  can help you to send a request to an author and guide them to making the article available in an open repository.

There are several social platforms for researchers, such as ResearchGate   and .

Contact the library

If the article that you need is not freely available you can request it through the library.