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Search scientific literature based on the UN's sustainable development goals

Published Mar 31, 2023

Do you want to find research that contributes to or deals with one of the UN's sustainable development goals? In that case you can try out the pre-generated search queries developed in the Scopus database.

It can be complicated to search for scientific literature related to the sustainable development goals, since several different terms are used to describe the problem. Identifying all the relevant keywords yourself can be challenging. The pre-generated search queries helps you with this. They include several alternative terms relevant to the selected goal and are combined in a way that the database can interpret. You can modify the search by removing terms or adding your own search terms.

There are 16 differentpre-generated search queries, all based on the different global goals. Research in these areas can also be garnered with SDG labels that can be seen on the document page in Scopus.

Instructions on how to use the pre-generated search queries

1. In Scopus, go to Advanced document search

screenshot of the search interface in Scopus. Advanced search highlighted.

2. Click on UN Sustainable Development Goals 2020 under Pre-generated queries.

Screenshot of the SDG search queries in Scopus

3. Select one of the 16 goals. A pre-generated search query will appear. If we for example choose the query No Poverty, the search box will be filled with terms relevant for that topic and combined in a logical way (see image below). Add or remove search terms according to your need and click on search. 

The 16 different SDG search queries in Scopus
Screenshot of the search query for the SDG No Poverty

Read more about the pre-generated search queries and how they were created.