Welcome to a new year at the library!

Published Jan 07, 2020

The library offers study places, books and electronic resources. We also offer tutoring, teaching, open lectures and exhibitions.

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Activate your library account
The first thing to do as a new student is to activate your library account. Use your library account to borrow books and access all our electronic resources.
Click here to activate your library account.

Find study places and book group study rooms
At KTH Library there are several study spaces, both individual tables and group areas. You will also find stationary computers, printers and scanners. As a KTH student you can also book one of our 15 group study rooms. Too book a room, please follow this link.

Rent lockers or book storage cabinets
At the Main Library you can rent lockers for the whole semester or book storage cabinets for the day. The lockers will be released on January 20, and can be rented for 400 SEK. Storage cabinets are located in the locker room on the first floor and can be used for the day. You get the key from the information desk with your library account.

Book a consultation or teaching activity
If you need help with information retrieval, writing or reference management, you can book a tutorial with us. We also offer teaching activities and open seminars.

Attend our open lectures and exhibitions
Each semester, the KTH Library offers several different lectures and seminars in everything from reference management and rhetoric to popular science lectures. We also have various exhibitions in the library hall. Have a look in our calendar to see all upcoming events.

Use the speech synthesis program TorTalk
All students at KTH get free access to TorTalk on their computer. TorTalk reads digital texts out loud. It is a great aid for those with reading difficulties, as well as those who prefer to read and listen at the same time.
Find out more about TorTalk.

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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you need assistance.

You can reach us by email: biblioteket@kth.se  and phone: +46 (0)8-790 70 88, and you are always welcome to visit us at KTH Campus, KTH Kista eller KTH Södertälje.