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Bibliometrics and ranking

Bibliometrics can be defined as the quantitative study of publication collections and is used as an integral part of KTH's quality work. Bibliometric data also provides input to the various rankings performed at the international level, and is thus an important instrument for KTH's relevance to the outside world.

KTH Library performs bibliometric analyses on behalf of KTH's management. We also handle and administer KTH's internal work with ranking. Read more on the pages Ranking placement for KTH  and Ranking .

Altmetrics - another way to measure research impact

Another way of measuring publication impact is through altmetrics, ie how research reaches out in news, social media and other channels outside the traditional scientific sphere.

Read more on the page Altmetric - monitor research output

For questions about bibliometrics, altmetrics and ranking, you can always turn to our experts who work at the library.