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Bibliometrics at KTH

Bibliometrics can be defined as the quantitative study of publication collections. The bibliometric group at KTH produces statistics for the publishing of KTH, impact measured on the basis of citations and co-publishing.

Bibliometrics Qi and Tobias in a conversation at KTH Library.

The Bibliometrics group

The group produces, among other things, the following:

  • KTH Annual Bibliometric Monitoring  – Bibliometric statistics for KTH, its schools, departments and researchers.
  • Bibliometric indicator for resource allocation.
  • Indicators to the indicator report of KTH.
  • Bibliometric analyses on the behalf of the management of KTH, for instance co-publishing and benchmarking analyses.

Here you will find information on how to order analyses .


Send an e-mail to , phone 08-790 70 88


If you have questions on bibliometrics, you are welcome to contact us: