Research data and data management plan

All data that is collected, measured or created within a research project can count as research data. Data may be numerical, textual, images, video or sound recordings. Software code may also count as research data.

Data management during the research project life cycle

Research data is data produced during the research process (fig. with life cycle). Correct management of data is facilitated with a data management plan. Increasingly, funding agencies require you to write a data management plan, but a well-executed data management plan also gives several benefits later in the research life cycle such as:

  • Data is organised and structured already from start
  • Clearly structured data facilitates finding and analysing data
  • Facilitating sharing data, but also reusing data in your own future research projects

More information on writing a data management plan to fulfil the requirements from different funding agencies can be found on the web page of Research Support Office .