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Lean Library Access Browser Extension

Lean Library Access is a browser extension that helps you find and access library subscribed e-resources, such as publications and search services. The extension is particularly useful if you are outside Campus and thus do not have automatic access to the resources.

Install Lean Library Access

Visit the web page below and click "Download" for the browser you are using and then follow the instructions to install. Make sure to read the permissions that you need to grant before downloading. Lean Library Access currently works only for browsers on computers and not on mobile phones or tablets.

Download Lean Library Access to your web browser

How it works

Pop up window with message that Lean Library has redirected to provide access.

If you are outside the Campus and for example have found an article that is available on a vendor platform that the library's subscribes to, the extension will automatically redirect your browser for authentication with your KTH account and you will then be able to access the subscribed content.

If you have found information about a book or article but are not on the subscribed website, you can still in many cases be referred to the place on the web where the content is available: Lean Library Access will try to locate the publication for you. If this succeeds, a pop-up will be displayed with a link that take you to the current publication. In other cases you may also be referred to a freely available version of the article or to the library's order form for books and articles.

Lean Library icon

For some information the extension pop-up screen is not automatically displayed, eg. if it is less important information or if you previously have closed the pop-up screen manually. However, you can always click on the extension's icon to see the current message. When the extension is active, the icon is green.

Uninstall Lean Library

When you are no longer a student or employee at KTH your access to the library resources becomes inactive. You can then remove Lean Library by clicking the icon in your browser and choose Remove.

If you have any questions or feedback about Lean Library Access: Please contact us