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Faster access to articles with LibKey

With our service LibKey there is now a faster way to access articles from KTH Library.

LibKey allows you to connect directly to the PDF of an article in the viewing results in Primo. It also provides a link to the complete issue of a journal. This allows for browsing the table of contents for the issue in which the article appears in the service called BrowZine. LibKey is also activated in several of our databases.

Links from LibKey shown in Primo search result.

LibKey Nomad

To get even more out of LibKey, there is a browser extension called LibKey Nomad . The extension is active on sites relevant to researchers and students such as publisher web pages, PubMed and Wikipedia. It is only active on relevant sites and does not store information about the user. A pop-up window will appear when an article is available through KTH Library or if an open access-article exists. The extension is particularly useful if you are outside campus without automatic access to the resources. The extension will automatically redirect your browser for authentication with your KTH account so that you can access the subscribed content.

Install LibKey Nomad

1. Download the extension to your preferred browser.

2. Choose KTH Royal Institute of Technology in the list of organisations.

Reference list in Wikipedia with LibKey links as blue buttons when LibKey Nomad is installed.
When viewing the reference list of a Wikipedia article with LibKey Nomad installed a button will appear if the articles are available through KTH Library.