About the search tools

Through KTH Library you can access a lot of databases and search tools. Below we have listed some of the most common search tools that you can use to find for example books, e-books, journals, articles, databases, reports or doctoral, licentiate and student theses.


Primo is the KTH Library search tool in which you search for publications the library has on the shelves and that we offer in electronic form, like e-journals and e-books. By default your search is limited to the material that is directly available, but you can also choose to broaden your search to materials that the library does not have in print or electronic form. Such materials may instead be requested.

In Primo you search in a large amount of scientific materials and get links to full text versions of scientific articles. Primo is similar to other general scientific search services such as Scopus, Web of Science or Google Scholar, but is directly tailored to students and researchers at KTH for example through the following features:

  • Primo contains all printed material at the KTH Library
  • Primo includes e-books in the search, often also at chapter level
  • You can restrict the search to materials that the KTH Library has access to
  • It is easy to order materials that the library has no access to

Read more about Primo in the Primo help text .

Search in Primo

Other databases and search tools

Although Primo is a quite comprehensive search service, it does not replace all other search tools and information sources. Thorough searches on specific topics and materials may require more specialized search services. An overview of the library's subscribed resources and other information services relevant to the KTH disciplines is available here:

Search in other databases and search tools

KTH publication database DiVA

DiVA is the KTH publication database, where everything published by KTH researchers is registered. Electronic versions of publications where KTH is the publisher, such as doctoral theses, licentiate theses, reports and students theses, can also be found in DiVA. Read more about DiVA .

Search the KTH publication database DiVA

Older printed materials

Some of the older materials can only be found in our scanned and searchable card catalogs. These include materials that were acquired to the library 1913-1960 and 1827-1913.

Search the KTH Library Catalog, 1913-1960
Search the KTH Library Catalog, 1827-1913