Access to electronic material

As a student or employee at KTH you have automatic access to electronic material via the library.

Other users are welcome to visit our libraries where we have guest computers that you can use for a limited time to access our electronic material.

Problem accessing electronic material

If you are experiencing problems accessing electronic materials we ask you to report the problem to us so that we can investigate and find a solution. Please describe the problem as detailed as possible and write if you were on campus or elsewhere when you tried to access the resource. If you received an error message it’s helpful if you can send us a screenshot.

Report an access problem

Access electronic resources off campus

When you are off campus you need to log in using the library's proxy server in order to access electronic material. If you use the KTH Library website or our search tool Primo, you will automatically be redirected to the login page. To access the resources you need to be registered as a student or employee at KTH.

Lean Library Access browser Extension

Lean Library Access is a plug-in for your browser that helps you find and access the library's subscribed e-resources. This extension is especially useful if you are off Campus.

Read more about Lean Library Access


Drag and drop this KTHB proxy link  to your bookmark toolbar, or right click and save it as a bookmark. Once you have done this, you can use the bookmarklet to reload a page through the proxy server and get access to the material (given that it is a resource that the library subscribes to).


If you are connected to KTH's network via VPN (Virtual Private Network) you will in many cases be able to access subscribed e-resources. However, if you have problems with a certain resource via VPN then please try one of the methods above.

Read more about connecting to VPN at IT-support

Log in with KTH ID

For some resources it is possible to log in directly with your KTH account. You can often find such login under headings like "Sign in via your institution". You then select KTH in the list and get redirected to KTH's login service.