Seminar marathon

Starting on October 17, KTH will mark the 100th anniversary of its Stockholm campus with a 50-hour-long seminar marathon, featuring 100 experts from KTH speaking on a range of exciting topics from 10 different subject areas. The seminar marathon will finish on October 19, the exact 100th anniversary of the KTH campus inauguration.

Time: Tue 2017-10-17 12.00 - Thu 2017-10-19 14.00

Lecturer: 100 speakers

Location: Dome of visions / Live online

You don’t have to register to attend, nor is it possible to reserve a spot. But the entire seminar marathon is streamed live online, and if the room is full when you arrive – remember there are .

The seminars are in English and Swedish. Check out the program  to see all the subjects, and the language they’ll be discussed in.

More information on the Seminar Marathon

Start time: 12:00 UTC+1, October 17
Finish: 14.00 UTC+1, October 19
Location: Dome of Visions / Live online
Overall running time: 50 hours
Duration of each seminar: 20 minutes
Total number of speakers: 100

Belongs to: Campus 100 years
Last changed: Sep 29, 2017