Outdoor lighting installation

The Lighting Laboratory at KTH joins the celebration of the centenary of KTH Campus by creating an outdoor lighting installation in one of the most iconic spots at the campus, Borggården.

Time: Tue 2017-10-17 18.00 - 22.00

Lecturer: International students at the Masters in Architectural Lighting Design

Location: Borggården vid huvudbyggnaden Lindstedtsvägen 3

This great event is an excellent opportunity for the international students at the Masters in Architectural Lighting Design to transfer theory from the academic environment to application in the urban space. The students will transform the public space through light and darkness. The results of their design process; ideas taken into concepts and testings taken into a real 1:1 scale, will be presented to a broad audience on the celebration of KTH´s Campus 100 anniversary. This is the Lighting Laboratory´s annual tradition; to light up Urban Spaces, is an amazing learning experience for both, students and visitors, where the huge potential of light to shape the city will be emphasized and experienced.

The installation is open to the public and you can visit the site all through the evening and night during the three days that the exhibition is open.


On the 17th of October at 18.00 the installation will open with an event at KTH entré, Osquars Backe 3. There will be presentations by the students followed by a guided tour.


Guided tours

There will be guided tours that start at 18.00 at the fountain in the courtyard on the 18th and 19th of October

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