Joakim Engström, Fibre and Polymer Technology

Tailored adhesion of PISA-latexes for cellulose modification and new materials

Published Feb 18, 2019

Joakim Engström will be defending his dissertation "Tailored adhesion of PISA-latexes for cellulose modification and new materials" on 22 February 2019.

What is your dissertation about?

It is increasing the content of cellulose materials from trees in plastic materials by surface modification using tailored so called PISAlatexes.

Does it have any connection to KTH’s sustainability work and the global sustainable development goals?

With the goal to increase the amount of cellulose materials in plastics, we can reach the goal of using our lands resources more sustainable, being a renewable material. The plastic pollution in our oceans can also decrease due to their degradability. Not to mention the contribution to innovations and production of more sustainable products.

How can your results be used in the future?

Hopefully my research can lead to new innovations and production of new materials to replace oil-based with renewable resources. The studied PISA-latexes show mot only promising properties to be used for surface modification of cellulosematerials but also functionalization towards new medical applications.

Belongs to: School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH)
Last changed: Feb 18, 2019