Linnea Nilebäck, Protein Science

Expanded knowledge on silk assembly for development of bioactive silk coating

Published Mar 08, 2019

Linnea Nilebäck defended her dissertation "Expanded knowledge on silk assembly for development of bioactive silk coating" on March 1 2019.

What is your dissertation about?

The thesis work investigates how recombinant spider silk proteins can be used to make surface coatings on biomedical materials. When functionalizing the silk with bioactive motifs and domains, the coatings has the ability to interact specifically with cells and biomolecules.

Does it have any connection to KTH’s sustainability work and the global sustainable development goals?

Sustainability is about finding long-lasting solutions, and one part of this thesis work has aimed to used alternatives to antibiotics to develop sustainable strategies for treatment of infections without contributing to the spreading of antibiotic resistance. 

How can your results be used in the future?

Bioactive silk coatings could be used on a wide range of biomaterials and implants to improve their properties, for example to support the healing process and aid the material in being accepted well by the body.

Belongs to: School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH)
Last changed: Mar 08, 2019