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Study counselling CBH

If you need to get in touch with a coordinator or administrator, please email or call the person you are looking for to book a meeting.

Master coordinators

Subjects Contact

Master Coordinator for the programmes in
the fields of chemistry and biotechnology

Chemical Engineering for Energy and Environment
Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology
Macromolecular Materials
Medical Biotechnology
Molecular Science and Engineering
Molecular Techniques in Life Science
Polymer Technology

CBH Students office, KTH Campus

International coordinator for incoming exchange students

Contact person for students visiting KTH for one or
two semesters, including: exchange students (Erasmus+ or non-European bilaterial agreements) and double degree students in the field of Health

Master Coordinator for the programmes in the field of health

Medical Engineering
Sports Technology and
Technology, Work and Health

International coordinator for outgoing exchange students

Contact person regarding exchange studies and dual
degrees for the programmes in the fields of Chemistry and Biotechnology.

Contact person for students on internship

Note! To apply for an internship, please contact the
head of department in your research area of interest.

For more information on internship at KTH,
​​​​​​​please read this guide ​​​​​​​.

Doctoral studies coordinators

Handles all applications for Degrees of Licentiate and Degree of Doctor.

Send your emails to

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Last changed: Apr 29, 2022