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Molecular AI method paves the way for mapping the brain

En animerad bild av en mushjärna. Animated picture of a mouse brain.
Forskare vid KTH och Karolinska Institutet har kartlagt mushjärnan med hjälp av en molekylär metod.
Published Jun 30, 2020

Alzheimer's and other brain diseases might now come closer to being understood. A molecular method using AI and machine learning gives a better picture of the brain than a microscope provides. The results of the research on the first map of the mouse brain are presented in an article from KTH and Karolinska Institutet in the scientific journal Science Advance.

In the article, the researchers show that it is possible to recreate the entire detailed anatomy of the brain by capturing the molecular profile, without the need for knowledge about the brain or the function of the molecules.

“It is fantastic! This is a revolution for research on the brain and other organs,” says Joakim Lundeberg, professor at KTH and active at the Science for Life Laboratory (SciLife Lab), who, together with Konstantinos Meletis, associate professor at Karolinska Institutet (KI), is the article's lead author.

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