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Alagar Raj Paulraj, Chemical Engineering

Studies on Rechargeable Fe-air electrodes in Alkaline electrolyte

Alagar Raj Paulraj.
Published Mar 08, 2019

Alagar Raj Paulraj defended his dissertation "Studies on Rechargeable Fe-air electrodes in Alkaline electrolyte" on March 1 2019.

What is your dissertation about?

This work aims to explore and develop low-cost iron electrodes and electrocatalytic oxygen electrodes for alkaline Fe-air batteries.

Does it have any connection to KTH’s sustainability work and the global sustainable development goals?

Yes, The widespread integration of renewable energy requires a lowcost large scale battery. In our research work, we have tried to use electrode material from sustainable elements.

How can your results be used in the future?

In our work, different inexpensive materials are synthesized with a low environmental impact and easy preparation methods. Their performance mechanisms are investigated. Our work’s findings can help to develop a cost-effective material for Fe-air batteries.

Belongs to: School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH)
Last changed: Mar 08, 2019