Hydrogen is the best way forward

Electric power is what counts if we are to break the dependence on fossil fuels in the transport sector.

Read more in the Swedish morning paper Dagens Nyheter

Read more about the research at Applied Electrochemistry

World record at KTH!

A research group at KTH has found ways to mimic photosynthesis and set a world record in splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen.

Splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen at speeds approaching nature’s own could provide a significant boost for alternative energy sources that don’t contribute to the atmospheric carbon load believed to be causing climate change.


See Ulrica Edlund in Crosstalks

See Crosstalks from 2016-01-21 where Ulrica Edlund participates. The theme is Materials for the future. Ulrica is Associate Professor in Polymer Technology and her research is about using state of the art chemistry to convert polymers into something new and functional.


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