KTH gets funding for 60 MSEK project on smart materials

Smart materials with the potential to clean air, water and land from hazardous substances is in the focus of Mistra (the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research) new research TerraClean. The project with a budget of 60 million SEK will last for four years and is led by Ulrica Edlund at Fibre and Polymer Technology. Congratulations Ulrica!

Read more at KTH news (in Swedish)

Read more at Mistra's homepage (in Swedish)

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Nobel Laureate held lecture at CHE

On December 12th the CHE school had a distinguished visit by Nobel Laureate Berard Ferringa who held a lecture. He started by thanking the audience for bringing him back to his normal environment science after spending days of celebrations with royalties and suchlike.

The lecture was about molecular switches and motors and the potential use of these, such as directed cancer treatment and antibiotics that are activated in vivo and then switched off as they leave the body (and hence not increasing the resistance to abtibiotics).

Zeynep Cetecioglu Gurol, Resursåtervinning

New research talents in place at KTH

KTH's efforts to recruit young research talents have been successful. Highly qualified people are now in place. Chemistry researcher Zeynep Cetecioglu Gurol’s job is to find new ways of resource recovery.

The Division of Resource recovery

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