Professor Christofer Leygraf

Pourbaix-priset till Christofer Leygraf

Professor Christofer Leygraf har tilldelats 2017-års Pourbaix-pris för sina insatser för internationell samverkan inom korrosionsforskningen. Läs mer här

New professors at the school!

The School of Checal Science and Engineering proudly introduces our two newest professors- Ann Cornell and Carina Lagergren. Ann was promoted July 1st and Carina June 1st. We find both professors at the Department of Applied Electrochemistry

Research and education

KTH researchers find out why gold nanoparticles react

Why is gold intert, does not react, while nanoparticles of gold on the contrary can act as catalysts in reactions? Joakim Halldin Stenlid and Tore Brinck know why: so-called σ-holes, local maxima in electrostatic surface potential.

Read an article from Chemistry World

Read the full scientific paper (subscription to the journal is needed)


Third-cycle courses Autumn -17

Here is a list over the third cycle courses that are given during autumn 2017

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