Management at CHE

Mikael Lindström


The Dean manages the School's work and is responsible towards the President for the School's activities. Furthermore, the Dean is the employer's representative and supervisor of the School's staff. The Dean should represent the School in research and educational issues as well as collaboration issues. The Dean has a deputy, referred to as the vice Dean.

Mats Jonsson

Vice Dean

Marie Larson

Head of Administration

CHE has a Head of Administration, who is responsible for the School-wide administration organisation. The Head of Administration should be responsible for overall administrative coordination and development as well as securing quality and efficiency of the administrative work.

Mats Jonsson

Acting Director of First and Scond Cycle Education (GA)

GA is responsible for the programmes and courses offered at the School. These should develop in accordance with KTH's overall strategy and targets, as well as in agreement with the other schools of KTH.

Inger Odevall Wallinder

Director of Third Cycle Education (FA)

Third cycle education is conducted within the framework of the doctoral programmes devised at KTH. Within the School, FA is responsible for the School's doctoral studies and for ensuring that these are developed in line with KTH's overall strategy and targets and in agreement with the other schools of KTH.

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